Welcome aboard
Leading M&S Company Ares
where we create customer value.

Ares is a company to pursue self-realization in the field of workplace to be happy place and to work hard place at the same time, also we appreciate precious relationship with customers and to realize the dream and ideal of our customers.

Ares has the main interest in the defense SI fields and a venture company starting with specialized capability in the Defense M&S, provides top quality service and solution from Army, Navy, and Air Force single unit to the strategic echelons in simulation, simulator, CBT, Defense information management system.

We improve our key technology and capability through R&D until the day of standing at the center of the world beyond the limit of ROK and we will work hard from the challenge of the “World Best” to provide good quality service for our customers and enhance the defense IT phase of our country in the world.

Thank you.

CEO of Ares Co.,Ltd. Kwon Soon Youl